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Hands-On Learning

The Homeschooling Kit provides learners with tools to enhance their understanding of mathematical thinking skills. Using tools (also known as manipulatives) allow learners to make connections and gain a deeper understanding for learners in Kindergarten to Grade 2. In our Junior Kit, tools such as protractors, calculators, place value flip charts and more are designed to enhance their understanding and strengthen mathematical skills aligned with the Grades 4-6 Curriculum. Stay connected through our Instagram @thehomeschoolingkit for more ideas on how to use each tool!



To be used with the hands-on tools provided in the kit, additional re-usable items such as number lines, ten frames, clocks and hundreds charts that allow learners to explore numbers and consolidate their thinking. You can re-print and access Digital BONUS Products.

Digital BONUS Products

Learning Guide

All three kits include a Learning Guide with many Hands-On activities to get you started designed for the specific targeted grade. The Learning Guide is for grown-ups to facilitate learning and use the hands-on tools. Additional Digital Resources and Digital BONUS Resources will be added to our Catalogue to help support your learners and to keep them engaged with fresh activities! Check out our Additional Digital Resources.

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I’ve had the pleasure of incorporating the Homeschooling Kit into my teaching and I can happily say that it has enhanced Ariana’s learning. The kit provides a learning guide full of activities, all the manipulatives you need to carry out them out, and enough variety to cycle through to make learning engaging. There are also free downloadable activities for more supplementary work!


The homeschooling kit has been my saving grace – an exceptional complement to the virtual learning for my two kids (JK and Grade 2). The kids responded really well to having physical tools (not another app) to reinforce the virtual curriculum. The materials included are familiar to the children from their past in-class experience. The learning guide is easy to use for parents and fun for the kids. The kit is an excellent resource and is adjustable to students at various levels. I highly recommend this to all households with in-class or virtual elementary aged school children


What a great investment to supplement the provincial curriculum! The homeschooling kit is adaptable to different grade levels. We have 3 kids (JK, Grade 1 and Grade 3) and they all use the kit daily. They feel as if they are “playing” school (play based learning is a good thing!) so they are always excited to attempt different challenges. The learning guide and online resources provide great guidance in using various parts of the homeschooling kit. 


The homeschooling kit is a game changer! For a parent who isn’t a teacher, I find it extremely helpful that the activities are organized, described to you and that encourages hands on learning for your children! Definitely recommend!


She’s having a blast and we are both having FUN learning! It’s truly an amazing design!


The kit has come in so handy with my grade 2’s homework. And my preschooler has loved it too!


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If you have a friend of family member that has taken on the role of a teacher, treat them to a gift card for their own Homeschooling Kit.

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