What makes The Homeschooling Kit different?

Purchasing hands-on tools (that are useful in schools and relevant to their learning) can be overwhelming and expensive. We have carefully selected tools that we know as teachers are useful and can be used in many different ways to support learning and thinking!

Do I need to buy the Individual Homeschooling Kit to purchase the Digital Downloads?


Nope! You can purchase the Digital Downloads whenever you like! We will continue to add bundles and more activities for your learners!

What do you mean by resources and freebies?

Through both our Social Media channel @thehomeschoolingkit and our online Teaching Store, we will continue to offer NEW activities and printable resources both FREE and for purchase that assist in learning. For example: Printable letter placemats that can be used with play dough!

What inspired The Homeschooling Kit?

Last year when the school closures occurred, we were able to see firsthand how difficult and the challenges that families faced working from home. We realized how useful it would be to have these hands-on tools at home to support learning of our students, children and relatives! 

How long does delivery take?

Boxes are shipped within a week of orders and standard shipping rates apply.